Online Banner Advertising: Is It Still Effective?

Online banner advertising was extremely popular when advertising space was initially sold on the web. But today, some web business owners think that it must be no longer relevant. Is online banner advertising still effective?
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A website that sells banner advertising space could only guarantee that individuals will spot your ad. They cannot guarantee that anyone will read it or click to your website landing page or website.

The global measurement and informationcompany and Nielsen, recently documented that investment in display internet advertising, which includes online banners, increased over 26% for your first quarter of 2013. Logically, if banners did not work, business owners would not continue to buy them.advertising media

How do you help make your online banner advertising effective?

Success with online business marketing, like marketing an offline business, always equates to having a satisfactory return on your own marketing investment. You are wasting your money if your banner campaign is costing more than it's earning. The normal click through from banners is roughly 2% to 5%.

Actual cash from direct response advertising sales will not be the best way to measure the achievements of your banner ad. If you are directing visitors to a landing page and collecting emails with an opt-in form, these people may well buy another product from you at a later date via your email marketing campaign.

Online banner ads can also be effective as a marketing branding tool. Rather direct response advertising, costs a lot of money because you need massive exposure for effective results brand advertising. This form of banner advertising is favoured by large companies who may have the budgets to enjoy on this type of marketing.

The effectiveness of your banner ads depends on applying the right strategies, as with any form of advertising. To optimise your banner ad performance, ensure that it is placed in a leading position at the top, or close to the top, of the page. Put the ad on the relevant website with steady, reliable traffic that is visited by those who are considering your products or services.

Sell the click, not the merchandise

Online banner advertising is currently modern-day with better targeting and improved graphics. The objective would be to 'sell the click'. Be sure that your message is approximately a want, desire or concern that the audience may have, so that they are encouraged to click on the ad to learn more. It's the task of your sales page to market the merchandise.

Your odds of getting viewers to really click your banner ad increases whenever your message motivates people to find out more. Once they have clicked on your banner they are directed to a landing page that provides something of value in exchange for their email address then. Once you have their e-mail address, you can follow-in the lead with email marketing.


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